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  1. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hope everyone is doing well. Here is our new arrangement: ¨Bossa in Blue¨, based on ¨Blue Boss¨ chord progression by Kenny Dorham for saxophone Eb/Bb or C instruments . Level : Early Intermediate/ Intermediate Purchase PDF+ mp3 backing track : Bossa In Blue (based on Blues Bossa chord...
  2. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    hello, I am trying to replace some missing parts to our sax quartet music library. We have some great Don Ashton arrangements for quartet that are missing a part or two that I would really like to be able to keep playing (no scores) as they are great for my high school student group. I cannot...
  3. Training Material
    Hello! I am coming back to the alto sax after a 10-year break. I really want some sheet music to help redevelop my skills. I am mostly interested in pursuing funk/blues/disco type music. If there is any advice on book ideas I would really appreciate it! There are so many out there it's...
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi folks, I recently released a free all-MIDI jazz album and wanted to share the arrangements with everyone for the season. The 8 holiday sax quartet arrangements are available for free at the album page, including interactive scores/parts & open-source DAW-MIDI files for rehearsal and/or...
  5. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hope everyone is doing well. Here is our new arrangement: Gator Walk for saxophone Eb,Bb or C instruments Level: Early Intermediate/Intermediate You can purchase the backing track and PDF file (C,Bb,Eb) clicking this link...
  6. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hope everyone is doing well. Here is our new arrangement: When My Dreamboat Comes Home for saxophone Eb,Bb Level: Beginner /Early Intermediate Bb (Tenor/Soprano) Eb (Alto/Baritone)
  7. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hope everyone is doing well. Here is our new arrangement based on ¨After You've Gone¨ chord progression by Turner Layton for saxophone Eb,Bb and C instruments. Level: Intermediate Purchase PDF + backing track:
  8. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I hope you are all well.Here is our new arrangement: Down By The Riverside for saxophone Eb,Bb and C instruments. Level: Early Intermediate/Intermediate Purchase PDF + backing track:
  9. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello All, Although I believe some or all of these pieces are available through the Bibliothèque nationale de France, my French and Google translate skills are having trouble ordering reproductions. Does anyone have the following sheet music: Louis MAYEUR (1837-1894) 1) Sélection sur Guillaume...
  10. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi everyone! Check out our arrangement for Jingle Bells for saxophone Bb/Eb❤🎶🎷❤purchase ¨Jingle Bells¨ PDF file + backing track: (PDF+MP3 backing Track)( Find also a slow tempo version of the backing track) Level: Early Intermediate/Intermediate Saxophone Eb (Alto / Baritono) ...
  11. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hey Sax Crew,:) I'm searching for the arrangement for sax quartet from these pieces: 1. Will Gregory - Scintillation 2. Joby Talbot - Blue Cell If anyone knows where I could find/buy them or wants to trade for them please let me know!:bluewink: Thanks! BB:mrgreen:
  12. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi guys, here's my new song for saxophone (Eb/Bb) based on Fats Waller's Honeysuckle Rose chord progression.(intermediate level difficulty) I hope you'll enjoy it. You can also purchase the PDF file and the backing track: Saxophone Alto/Baritone (Eb) Saxophone Tenor/Soprano...
  13. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hey all, I was in the car with a friend and we were talking about the Carnival of Venice, as you do. We stumbled across Louis Mayeur's variations and fell in love, but can't find them for purchase anywhere, and there are no pdf's online. Does anyone happen to have a copy that they could scan...
  14. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Wrote and recorded this little jazztune Autumn Days, and a free sheet, for alto-/tenorsax and piano, is available on Jacob
  15. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello, Looking to purchase a quality version of the George Michael song Careless Whisper for saxophone duet (2 altos) and quartet (SATB). Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,
  16. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    This would be for a 10 yr old student on Alto. I'm looking for a book with transcriptions, preferably in the right key. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  17. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hi,I’m in my final year and I’m doing a final thesis about the saxophone in Vaughan Williams’ symphonies. Do you have (or know someone who has) the saxophone score (only the part) in symphonies 6 and 9? Thanks :)
  18. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    All of my compositions at Sheet Music Plus now have reduced prices. In addition, SMP is currently having a sale on chamber music. My pieces Fanfare and Smaller Ups & Downs (both for mid-size jazz ensemble) are included in this sale and have a 20% discounted price. The Store page on my website...
  19. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Does anyone have a copy or know where to get one? Thanks!
  20. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi, I've been searching for Miles Davis Fran Dance Backing track but couldn't fin ti anywhere. Has anyone made a rough track and can share? and also if anyone has transcribed the song it would be great! Thanks, Ashish
1-20 of 93 Results