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  1. Avel Sound Concept
    Selling a Selmer "Spirit" 210 Alto Mouthpiece (0.087"). This is made of hard rubber. In original, like new condition. Never refaced. Plays perfectly. Asking US$110 including shipping anywhere in the world using registered Airmail from Singapore. Payment by PayPal.
  2. Selmer (Paris)
    Friends, I had the good fortune to play an Axos tenor. I don't see a ton of content regarding this horn on the forum based on a first-hand playing experience, so I figured I would share some thoughts for anyone considering the horn. This is completely non-technical and based on my first...
  3. Selmer (Paris)
    This news comes from the Kessler & Sons website, which as usual has more information about the business side of Selmer Paris than Selmer's own website: Kessler previously reported that the Ref. 54 alto had been discontinued as of May; sure enough, that model has disappeared from the for-sale...
  4. Selmer (Paris)
    Hello there, I purchased my serie III (pre-owned) 2 years ago after I played serie II since 2016. Early this year, I took it for regular maintanence that it works very well. Love a bit as my serie II. Recently, I found those 2 screws (white plastic screw) next to my key-1 loosen, so I...
  5. YouTube videos
    Hello all, I meant to put this here earlier but it slipped my mind. Anyways, I released this video about a week ago on my channel, comparing the Series II and the Supreme. I know a lot of people play the Series II and may be curious just how different the Supreme is...this video takes a deep...
  6. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi all, I got a buyer lined up for my 1966 Mark VI alto I'm not really sure how much it's worth but the buyer is willing to pay 5k. Anyone know if this is a fair price? I know that some consider the "medium bows" very deseriable but not sure if this is one. The serial number is 1367xx. The...
  7. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Selmer posted another ad about the supreme... and completely neglected women saxophonists. Again. Doew anyone else notice this regularly in the industry? Obviously I’d like to hear women’s voices, but I know I’ve heard my fair share of sexism in the music biz.
  8. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hi! I just received the Super Action 80 tenor discussed here. It even came with 3 (quite dirty) mouthpieces (original Selmer S80 C*, Vandoren T27, Meyer 6M). However, the octave key mechanism appears to be bent: It doesn't looks that way in the seller pictures, the octave key looks closed yet...
  9. Eb Baritone
    This post has been edited to remove the information that was previously here in the interest of privacy.
1-9 of 500 Results