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  1. SOTW Member YouTube videos
    Hi all, Fortunate enough to have got hold of this Radio Improved tenor, and thought there might be some interest in a live clip. Played into an SM57. I have yet to try recording at home with it, but I think that with a more studio-dish setup the sound could be really lovely. I'll try and post...
  2. Eb Baritone
    Hi folks, If anyone has a Selmer bari Series II or III, could you please provide me the following exact dimensions (inches or mm): Total height (top to bottom) Distances from: A) Bottom to lower edge of bell B) Bottom to upper edge of bell Thanks so much in advance, J
  3. YouTube videos
    Just wanted to share a video of my quartet's in studio performance of Harry Warren's "A Weaver of Dreams" The band: Andy LaVerne - piano Jay Anderson - bass Billy Drummond - drums If anyone would like a copy of a CD, I would be happy to send a signed copy to all SOTW members here...
  4. Alto mpc
    Hi, I was wondering what alto mouthpiece this is, and what it is good at. My mother used to play on it, but she doesn't play the saxophone anymore. Also, is this the original ligature? And what about the cap? Thanks!
  5. Selmer (Paris)
    Hello everyone. I'm looking at chasing this old tenor on Ebay. My question is was this made by Conn or in those day did they have anything made by Henry Selmer Paris / Adolphe Sax? It has Selmer New York on the bell. What do you think is a fair price for this? See these photos: Selmer...
  6. Ligatures
    I recently purchased a Selmer sa80 ii from for 3000 . After fixing the leaks and some worn out cork stoppers I finally tried the horn last night. It came with a selmer C star and a Bay USA ligature which I disregarded at first and sticked with what I had. But then I tried it...
1-6 of 500 Results