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  1. Selmer (USA)
    Hello everyone! I'm new in this Forum so this post Is my start heređź‘‹ I managed to get this Selmer USA Bari Sax in very Bad shape. It probably was property of an army big band, based in the Netherlands. The only safe Information I have is the serial number, which is 1031056. Can anyone tell me...
  2. Selmer (USA)
    Hello all. I am trying out a Selmer tenor that belongs to a friend. Serial # is in 820 series. Does anyone know the rough value of this beautiful sounding saxophone, so I can get an idea of how much to offer?
  3. Clarinet
    I have a student who brought in a Selmer USA clarinet with S/N: 118909. Judging by the case, it doesn't look much older that 1980's, but he's claiming his great aunt played it in the 60's. :| I've seen some of the other forum posts about Selmer USA clarinets, but but still at a loss. Some...
  4. Selmer (USA)
    I'm having trouble identifying a Selmer USA alto saxophone. I bought the horn used 6 or 7 years and I want to resell it on Ebay. What is the model and what is a good starting price for Ebay? Thanks for the help on my first post!
  5. Clarinet
    Hello all, I'm a senior in high school. I've played clarinet since 5th grade and I also double on sax. I recently bought a Selmer Signet Special wooden clarinet from my aunt for $50. I never really paid attention to the mouthpiece that came with it until now. I'm looking at it and I can very...
  6. Selmer (USA)
    So, word on the net is that the Omega (162) alto had a larger bore than the AS100. Also that the only differences between the AS100 and the AS110 (first series, Made in USA with 3 point ring body to bell brace), were only cosmetic (different engraving/finish and some changes in key touches -...