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  1. Selmer (Paris)
    Is this due to the recent tariffs in Europe or is this a result of last years sale to Argos Soditic, what the hell is going on? A Selmer Ref 54 Tenor at WWBW now sells for $9,400.00 I can buy a pretty decent Mark VI for $6-$7K Makes you wonder just how long Selmer Paris will be with us. Those...
  2. Selmer (Paris)
    Hey guys, Im pretty new to Selmers and have no experience dealing with them. I stumbled across this ad and it is completely unbelievable! Im pretty sure this is fake just because of the price, But I did also notice using Selmers post about fake Saxophones here...
  3. Selmer (Paris)
    So, I own a Selmer Reference 54 tenor saxophone, and needless to say, it's one of my very most prized possessions. Over the years, however, a few things have happened: (1) In a couple random spots, one will find a (very small) ding, about 0.4 mm by 0.5 cm long- or even shorter, (2) some of the...
  4. Selmer (Paris)
    I noticed that Selmer has come out with a revision 3 for the Ref 54 alto. The reviews for the rev 2 neck did not sound so great, but I am wondering if anyone has tested the newest neck. If so, what were your impressions?
  5. Jazz and Improvisation
    I am 16 and have been playing saxophone for about 3 or 4 years now(10th Grade). I was just hoping some of you could help me out by giving me some feedback of my playing. Here is a High Quality video of me playing Now's The Time and Billie's Bounce: I would like overall feedback on tone...
  6. Selmer (Paris)
    If everyone else gets an owner's club then so should we! I own a Reference 54 Flamingo. :) p.s - I do realize that that there are different versions of the limited models but due to the size of the poll, I had to generalize it.
  7. Selmer (Paris)
    im looking for a new sax for Christmas and am really interested in selmers. the ones ive been most interested in are - super action 80 series ll or lll, reference 54, mark VI, mark VII, and super balanced action. i really need someone who could put these in order from best to worst from a...
  8. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Hi all, I have been reading the forums for a couple of months now and thought I would post a question I have. I am trying to attain a contemporary smooth jazz sound on my tenor, specifically, something like Boney James. Rich & Deep in the lower register with an edgy (easy to growl) and full...
  9. Selmer (Paris)
    Does anyone know what the difference between a Tenor Reference 54 and a Tenor Reference 34 is? What about these two compared to a mark VI? Thanks
1-9 of 25 Results