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  1. Necks
    Hi, Gloger-handKraft and Aronson have confirmed that they can make a custom replacement neck specifically for SDA alto. Both have excellent reputation and there is not much difference in price. Shipping costs are not an issues as I can have the neck delivered in the US or Europe. Any comments...
  2. Necks
    hi folks.... I have a Tenor Buffet Super Dynaction without neck. I´ve tried some (LA, yana, yamaha).. but the sound is not good.. mainly in terms of intonation. The yamaha neck performed well.... So I read some articles of Barone neck on SDA... and I decided to try. So, if you have a barone...
  3. Necks
    I have a Buffet SDA tenor(sparkle lacquer). but the neck is DA's... Where can I buy this original one? I am going to die... an urgent guy from South Korea... I will be deeply grateful if you give me an answer!!
1-3 of 7 Results