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  1. Teaching
    Dear friends, According to Aebersold, the formula for Em7b5 contains exactly the same notes as the F major scale, meaning that the 9th note would be F, the same as the 2nd, right? Otherwise, he says that if you raise the 2nd note you get what is called "Em7b5(#2)." However, according to what I...
  2. Teaching
    Hello friends. Yes, I understand that the blues scale does not fit every song, but in the cases where it does, I cannot remember what the general rule of thumb was for determining which blues scale to use. I thought I had read in Aebersold's instruction books sometime ago, that the general...
  3. Practicing
    Hello all, I need some guidance on how to really learn jazz. I am lucky to have a good ear. I can basically play anything that I listen to. If I hear changes, I can pretty much play over them OK can generally change keys when needed. Unfortunately thats really my problem. Because I can BS my...
  4. Bb Soprano
    How much weight the soprano without MP? So far this is the result I had. Buescher TT 1928: 1.260 Kg. = 2.777 lb. Yanagisawa S6 1975: 1.265 Kg. = 2.788 lb. Antigua SS4920LQ 2009: 1.320 Kg. = 2.910 lb. If someone had access to a good scale, please post the weight of your sop. Cheers.