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  1. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    BA vs SBA selmer tenor Tenor saxophones : Selmer Balanced Action 22*** BA (one of the first BA prototype with long bell) VS Selmer Super "Balanced" Action 54*** SBA (one of the last SBA) Hi everybody! I'm glad to share this video test of my woderful horns: Tenor Saxophone Selmer...
  2. Selmer (Paris)
    Hi Guys, see this Selmer SA80 II for sale in Brazil, the second image is ridiculous, the seller has canceled the previous announcement, where his say the serial is 5076XX ¬¬ I appreciate the opinions. The new announcement...
  3. Valuation (How Much is it Worth?)
    Hi guys I've got an as new silver plated French engraved SBA tenor SN 34xxx with short bell. Does the short bell make it less valuable and what is it worth roughly on the market? Thanks for your precious knowledge!
  4. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    I started this comparison in a German forum, and we had a lot of fun guessing and commenting, so I'll share it with this community. Horn are a 2006 Inderbinen, a French 1956 Selmer Mark 6 (stripped) with a numbered 67xxx neck and a French 1949 Super (Balanced) Action. Mouthpieces are a...
  5. Selmer (Paris)
    Hi everybody! Here's my question about an unusual horn The serial number is 546xx so it's supposed to be a sba. Almost all the lists say that the first M6's were from serial number 55 200 - Anybody have seen a similar neck...
  6. Necks
    Hi to all SBA Tenor owners and specialists. I am playing this ( french ) Selmer SBA neck with no serial number that I play on my 24xxx BA Selmer. I am very happy with it - plays great, more focused and articulates and projects better than original 24xxx BA neck. I am trying identify its...
1-6 of 58 Results