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  1. Oleg Products, Inc.
    Purchase one our Acoustically-Perfected Professional Saxophones by June 30th and get an Oleg Contempo or Maestro Mouthpiece and Olegature included - a savings of $750 to $790! Give us a call for a free consultation on the best saxophone setup for you: 818.904.0030...
  2. Tips and Techniques
    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how one would achieve a sound similar to Paul Desmond or Phil Woods. My main concern is if there is any embouchure and oral cavity change that happens when playing with a sound similar to those two players. My setup is a GP custom exii with a refaced rousseau...
  3. Eb Alto
    Hi, Just last week I was playing on 2.5 Vandoren alto sax blue box reeds. I felt they were getting thin so I moved up to a 3 and had a nice but airy tone. I kept on playing on them for the rest of he week in order to move up.But for some reason, all of a sudden, 2.5 and 3 reeds have become...
  4. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Hi, So, I was playing through Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five' (an arrangement by Paul Desmond) which I plan to perform soon. I've only just realised that I've been playing the semitone grace notes at the start of the solo as bends, as opposed to actually changing my fingering. This makes the...
  5. Eb Alto
    Can someone please tell me more about this sax and how much its worth? thanks
1-5 of 9 Results