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  1. Late Bloomers
    So... my son twisted my arm a couple of years ago and talked me into joining a community marching band that marches in all the area parades. This was no problem at all when I was 17. Now, at 51, carrying a tenor saxophone for 3+ hours is a big pain in the neck. I am looking for a good harness...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hi guys I hope this video can help lots of people who needs to practice, but cannot make noise. DIY Sax Silencer, Mute Those are the materials you might need 1) One suite case that fits your saxophone. 2) Enough foam. 3) A drill. 4) Glue. 5) Knife.
  3. Oleg Products, Inc.
    Finally you got what you all were wanting to do for over 170 years - trill from low B to Bb. ( well, maybe not all of you ) Nevertheless, this simple, yet effective, attachment is a non-intrusive, easy to use and install trill actuator that can be engaged with a sliding move of the middle...
1-4 of 7 Results