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  1. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    I'm lead alto for my highschool big band, and one of our songs is an "ECM" type Pat Metheny ballad featuring myself (called True North). On some of the parts specifically the more powerful lyrical parts of the melody, getting a buzzy almost harsh sound on them would be nice. Sort of like the...
  2. Brand Name Players ...
    I just saw Bob James and David Sanborn featuring Steve Gadd and James Genus. It was an awesome concert!!!!!!! At the State Theater New Brunswick, NJ Live music is the Best!!!! Peace, Reg
  3. Reeds
    So... I've seen a lot of weird things about how to keep a reed in the perfect playable state for a long time. Mostly home remedies like: To microwave it and dry the spit out and start over, or keep them in a jar of water like David Sanborn does or even soak them in vinegar or coffee (the physics...
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Does anyone know the chord changes to The Dream that David Sanborn plays? I have the song transcribed, but figuring out the chords is a different animal. Thanks, Zach
  5. Alto mpc
    I have a Dave Sanborn 'Saxworks' mpc that I do not use and will be offering it for sale. It will go on eBay soon, but will consider selling prior to. It is the complete kit: 1 x Mpc 7 x Rings 1 x Cap If anyone is interested, I can email pictures. Please reply to Jason at [email protected]
1-5 of 9 Results