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  1. Selmer (Paris)
    Last Thursday I had a great afternoon at TW Howarth in London. I met two of the new people from Selmer (well, new to me), Erik Claeys who is in charge of UK Sales and Distribution and Christophe Grézes who is the Mouthpiece Product Manager for Selmer. Stuart at Howarths had sent out an...
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    In many (not all) general discussions about mouthpieces it comes to a recommendation to try a Meyer 5M and an Otto Link 7 or 7*. My question is, Why are these particular sizes offered as suggestions when they are 15-20/1000 off in size? I understand the Meyers are considered "free blowing"...
  3. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Which is better, the S80 C* of the Soloist C* and why? What are the differences? I play alto. Thanks.
  4. Alto mpc
    I recently got this mouthpiece but I realized that on the front of the mouthpiece instead of saying Cs80 - Henri Selmer Paris -C* it says Cs80 - Henri Selmer Paris - Made in France. The only marking of C* on the mouthpiece is on the table. Is this a real selmer c*? or a knockoff? I got it at...
1-4 of 17 Results