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  1. Ligatures
    Hello! I (for some reason) collect old ligatures! Over the years I have obtained 4 of these eddie daniels ligatures. They feature two metal plates on the bottom, and several plastic "ribs" around the inside of the ligature. One of them for some reason has a different type of leather, shown...
  2. Ligatures
    Hello everyone, I recently bought few mouthpieces and I need some suggestions to suitable ligatures. There is not any near shop to try them. The mouthpieces are: - Saxscape Florida prototype Slim body - Lebayle LRII metal (similar body to the saxscape) - Warburton LA (wider body than both) I...
  3. Ligatures
    Hello fellow cats, Sorry for my ignorance on this matter. I realise that this issue has been discussed a lot in the past but can't seem one that discussed this for the 10mFan pieces. I am enjoying the Robusto a lot and I am using it with the Rovner Star Series for a while. Yesterday I had the...
  4. YouTube videos
    Just got footage clipped from a fundraising event where I frantically was finding people to cover spots. Anyone have any comments on myself, the tenor player, or my friend Jason on alto?
  5. Ligatures
    I got the Rovner Platinum ligature today and have played around with it for a bit. This lig is awesome! I don't like fabric ligs, so Rovners and I never got along. Ever since hearing about their first all-metal lig, I've thought about getting it. I finally bit the bullet. Now for the important...
  6. What to Buy & Why: Reeds and Misc.
    Well, i'm an intermediate player of BC and have been looking at rovner ligatures, and saw that the Versa was the predecessor of the Versa-x, What are some big differences? If it matters, I use a b45 Vandoren mouthpiece.
  7. Ligatures
    hey guys, lately ive been getting more and more fruterated with my otto link's stock lig. i need a new one just to actually hold the reed on. not to slip when i do intonation, and plainly give me the sound i know this mouthpiece can deliver. Now i hear some talk of tenor stm but i need it for my...
1-7 of 38 Results