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  1. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Hi all, new here. I am 30 years old and I have been playing Alto sax for about 6 weeks now just by watching videos and picked it up quickly. I play sitting down with the saxophone between my legs and with the correct posture and breathing and I tighten the neck strap so the sax mouthpiece comes...
  2. Ligatures
    Hi all-- I just purchased a Vandoren TL3 mouthpiece and am looking to get the Rovner Versa ligature as I have with my alto - but I'm offered two options for hard rubber mouthpieces and I honestly don't know which would fit the TL3. For hard rubber mouthpieces the Rovner offerers: Fits slim hard...
  3. What to Buy & Why: Reeds and Misc.
    Well, i'm an intermediate player of BC and have been looking at rovner ligatures, and saw that the Versa was the predecessor of the Versa-x, What are some big differences? If it matters, I use a b45 Vandoren mouthpiece.
  4. Ligatures
    I want to try using a Rovner Versa for my Jody Jazz DV Alto #7, the problem is, there are 3 sizes for the Rovner versa: 1. Rovner Versa Alto Saxophone Ligature and Cap Fits Slim Metal Alto Sax Mouthpieces (V-1MA) 2. Rovner Versa Alto Saxophone Ligature and Cap Fits Metal Alto Sax Mouthpieces...
  5. Ligatures
    I am currently using a Rascher, and I want to upgrade from my Rovner Dark ligature. I like to keep a darker, sombre-like tone that still has a bit of an edge, good clarity, and color to it. I've been using this mouthpiece for years, and I absolutely love it, along with the fact that I know how...
  6. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    A big Orthodox Jewish wedding with 5 horns. A serious live situation with a serious band. In this clip, I'm playing my Big Phat TK Melody Ipanema model tenor with a MOJO touched up WWBW Lazer Trimmed MB II Guardala that I bought from SOTW member rloyot. I feel this setup gets me quite close to...
1-6 of 6 Results