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  1. Reeds
    Hi, I'm looking for advice and comparisons for filed reeds between the Java 2.5's and 3's (which I have and have tried). For my Tenor setup, a Java 3 is definitely too hard, and the Java 2.5 is playable, but a little on the soft side... So I'm looking for a filed reed in between those. I...
  2. Reeds
    If you use both Legere Signature and Rico Select Jazz reeds on the same mouthpiece, please list the reed strength that you use for each brand. The type of horn (sop/alto/tenor/bari) will also be useful info. Thanks!
  3. Reeds
    Hi everyone, attached I have a picture from two perspectives of what's going on. I know it has nothing to do with the case because it was a perfect reed when I started playing it, then four hours later, when i'm done playing, i take it off and find this green stuff. Please help me out, any...
1-3 of 4 Results