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  1. Reeds
    I've been playing Rico Jazz Selects - 2H on my Buffet Crampon Baritone with a Vandoren V16 (B7) mouthpiece. Never had any issues until recently the past three RJS have started out sounding great then out of the blue the start squealing like piece of Johnson Grass. Other reeds like the La Voz...
  2. Reeds
    Hello everyone, I was wondering how the rico select jazz reeds played for you guys. Do you feel they gave you more edge/brightness, or a softer rounder tone, as compared to your previous reeds? I'm playing javas right now and though they are sweet, I feel they are wayy too bright. Are the rico...
  3. Reeds
    Hey guys. I was talking to some of my other sax buddies and we were on the discussion of reeds. I said I played a med soft fibracell. Immediatley they said if you use fibracells that your embouchure will crash and burn opposed to if you used something like a Rico Select. Is there any truth to this?
1-3 of 9 Results