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  1. YouTube videos
    Hey SOTW! I do love pedals, it's no secret, and I finally made a demo of one of my very favorites in existence. I've been using the "Transmisser" reverb pedal by EarthQuaker Devices for many months now, and it's used pretty heavily on the new Progger record. It works wonders with any signal you...
  2. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Parking lot music #2
  3. Electronic Equipment
    I'm trying to get the right amount of reverb when recording; any useful tips would be appreciated. Overall I'd think "as little as possible" is right, vs over-saturated karaoke sounding gimmicky washy sound. Most pros I listen to, you can't tell it's there, when done right. Just under where...
  4. Electronic Equipment
    Hi guys, I've recently started playing in clubs using my samson 77 wireless mic hooked up to the mic input on the DJ controller. Is there some way I can plug the output of my samson into an FX unit and apply reverb/delay to the sound before plugging this output into the controller? Thanks...
  5. Acoustics
    Just curious as to what kind/type of reverb you all prefer to use when playing your sax? I am currently experimenting with different types of reverb effects, at the moment....haven't found one that I have fallen in love with yet.
1-5 of 6 Results