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  1. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    While copying a tenor mouthpiece for a peer I inadvertently used a defective riggotti (her preferred reed) that was not as wide as most. After racking my brain as to why the piece wouldn't respond quickly enough with the reed I was using I tried one last time only with the actual reed I used as...
  2. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Hi all, I have a gleaming, shiny Yana 901. When I play it I really have to pump some air through it to get it to sound ok. Palm key notes are a real problem: I have to ready my self when I move from low to high and vocalise quickly, otherwise the sound comes out low or just plain bad. Here's...
  3. Clarinet
    hi guys, i could really use some help here. two particular notes on my Eb clarinet, the high C# and D are very stuffy and resistant. The highest range of the instrument, from the Eb to the F# is fine, so i doubt it's a leak or technical problem. I really need these two notes to be more...
1-3 of 4 Results