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  1. Clarinet
    I recently acquired a Selmer Series 9*. Keys are great and sound is very nice, but the original barrel is missing. Any recommendations for replacement? Would the newer “Center Tone” and “Evolution” barrels work? Or should be looking at a vintage barrel with an actual 9* stamped on it? The Fobes...
  2. Necks
    Hello everyone, My cousin recently acquired a King Cleveland 613 Alto SN #297XXX (Eastlake made?) and it does not come with a neck. Does anyone know where to get a 613 neck replacement or maybe an alternative neck for it?
  3. Necks
    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has tried a selmer series 3 neck on a Yamaha 82Z tenor, and what results in intonation you had. My tenor came with a G1 neck and the notes above C on the upper register are a bit sharp, the curious thing is altissimo isn't. I'm planning to get a selmer...
  4. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    I bought an Metal Otto link mouth piece for my soprano a while back but hated the Ligature it came with, Problem is all the Lig's I've tried don't seem to fit at all. The mouth piece is extremely thin. Would love it if someone could help me find a replacement. I've tried Rovner Lig I use for my...
  5. Necks
    I recently picked up an Antigua Winds student model alto from CL that is missing its neck. I don't have a lot of money into the horn, which seems to be in pretty good shape, although I can't really play it. I figured I could find or fabricate a replacement neck for it. That turns out to be more...
1-5 of 5 Results