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  1. Alto mpc
    Hello everyone, recently I ordered a Selmer Soloist C** (modern) for my alto saxophone for the Wind Symphony ensemble I am in. We play a mix of more classical pieces, and sometimes pieces leaning more towards modern jazz. My question to all of you is is that I don't have much experience on...
  2. Reeds
    hi everyone!, i bought a box of vandoren classical #5 for my vandoren v16 B9 ("122) mouthpiece, i like the strength of the reed, it's comfortable for me, but in 3 of the 5 reeds the tip broke after and hour of playing.. it is my fault?, i 've been thinking that because they are too hard, they...
  3. Classical Saxophone
    Hello, I am just wondering what everybody recommends for a good classical reed. I have tried Vandoren blue boxes and v12s, and like them both, but am looking for recommendations for other reeds to try. Thank you :)
1-3 of 5 Results