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  1. What to Buy & Why: Reeds and Misc.
    I'm interested in hearing from people about their experience with ReedGeek tools. What models have you tested, and how did they work for you? I haven't used one, but I have worked on reeds with sandpaper and razor blade. Is ReedGeek worth the money compared with old school methods?
  2. Reeds
    For my latest video, I met up with Mauro from ReedGeek, and he gave me an in depth lesson on how to get the most out of my ReedGeek. I've taken my reed adjustment to the next level, and show what I've learned here. Hope this info helps...
  3. Reeds
    Hey There, So, I've been using a ReedGeek for about a year now and kind of swear by it... However I want to make sure I'm using it right because recently it's felt like a bit much..... I play a 10/10* mouthpiece and use 3M/3H rigotti/RJS/RW reeds. I hear that a bigger tip opening is more...
  4. Reeds
    Hello! I recently lost my beloved Universal ReedGeek and am looking to buy a new one. Message me with an offer if you are looking to sell. I would like it to be in good condition. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results