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  1. Reeds
    Recently, I opened a new box of Rico Jazz Selects for tenor saxophone. Of the 5, only one I would consider giving a grade "B/B+", while the others were "C-D." I used to have many boxes with really good pieces (i.e., "B+/A") and every now and then, an "A+" reed. Naturally, I became curious as to...
  2. Tenor mpc
    Hi there, I bought a vintage (50's apparently) Berg Larsen Duckbill Metal Tenor mouthpiece from ebay recently. It was a 90/3 SMS but it was refaced to 85/0 (baffle was raised to 0 by epoxy) by one of the best refacers in Orange County per seller's comment. I used my usual Lavoz M, 2.5 Vandoren...
  3. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Bought a Jody Jazz hard rubber tenor piece a year ago and for the life of me Ijust couldn't get along with it. But recently I tried it with a RICO Royal 3 after about 2 hours playing a Vandoren metal piece and I couldn't believe the difference. It sounded amazing. On top of that, in the past I...
1-3 of 3 Results