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  1. Reeds
    For my latest video, I met up with Mauro from ReedGeek, and he gave me an in depth lesson on how to get the most out of my ReedGeek. I've taken my reed adjustment to the next level, and show what I've learned here. Hope this info helps...
  2. Training Material
    Here's a quick video lesson I made about how to put a reed on properly. I see lots of beginners (and not so beginners) neglecting some of these steps, so make sure you are doing all of these things every time you get ready to play. Here is the link to get the pdf download of 10 Essential Reed...
  3. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Hello there, I am playing the alto sax for many years now but not in an systematic study basis. Although I own a Selmer super action II alto sax, my tone quality and intonation have serious problems. I used to play with a Selmer Super session mouthpiece and 2,5 vadoren reed. I just...
  4. Reeds
    Having read Ray Reed's book on The Advanced Art of Single Reed Adjustment and tried to make the devices shown, and having been frustrated by my own mechanical skills in the matter, I gave in and bought the smaller and more elegant Perfecta-Reed. It is a device with a solid metal baseplate...
  5. Reeds
    Hi, Does anyone know if using the ATG system to adjust the tip of the reed, changes the overall strength of the reed? I don't have a Reed-O-Meter, looks like they are out of production now?? Regards, Craig
  6. Reeds
    I recently started using the system with very good results with clarinet reeds. I've only had time so far to try it on one tenor sax reed in the middle of a rehearsal, I was rushed, took off too much material and ended up with a very willing and controllable reed, but without any balls. My...
1-6 of 6 Results