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  1. Electronic Equipment
    Hi everyone, As the heading says. I realise it is primarily meant for hand-held condenser mics, but has anyone tried it with a condenser clip-on, such as the AKG C519 or Shure Beta 98? On paper it seems lika a good idea for a small and relatively cheap wireless system, but does it function in a...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I think I'd play more if I kept my saxophone assembled and on a stand rather than in the case. I work from home often and it's nice to take a quick break and play, even if it's brief. Plus I like having it on display, and I could save space with a wall stand. I know it's not great for the life...
  3. Electronic Equipment
    Ok, there's a lot of action going on about wireless mic setups (for sax) and which ones are best and all of that, and I'm interested because I want to buy one in the next month. Let's get it right down to the grit and decide which wireless mic setup is best. First, though, some rules. 1) The...
1-3 of 3 Results