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  1. Polls and Surveys
    Hi Music Makers... With various book formats to choose from,which do you prefer when practicing and learing new material. If the choices are PDF, Kindle, Mobi, ePub or Paperback,which do you prefer? Pick one or two to help Authors know what you prefer. We want to keep the information flowing...
  2. Tips and Techniques
    Although I've been playing a number of years, my reading skills are certainly less than I'd like as I tend to use other methods to learn tunes and focus a lot on improvisation. But I've been working on my reading more recently and came up with this little tip. I have no idea if this is used by...
  3. Classical Saxophone
    Looking for classically trained saxophone performers in the San Francisco Bay Area interested in starting a quartet for reading sessions. This would be a non-professional group for serious musicians who want to work through quartet literature as a hobby/for fun. Message me if you are interested...
  4. Training Material
    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried the Bulletproof Saxophone Playing method and, if so, what they thought of it. I'm particularly interested in material to help me bridge the gap between beginning and intermediate sax playing and exercises to help me memorize chords, master jazz patterns...
  5. The Band
    I know I've read it somewhere before, but I forgot what I read and where I read it... So if it was here, please direct me to it, because I couldnt find it. I play in a few coverbands varying "folk" to Party band to a Caro Emerald coverband.. It's a question I hear regularly from guitarists...
  6. Practicing
    Hi, all my playing has always been done by reading music sheets, what is the best way to progress to playing by ear, I struggle as soon as I move away from the written music, any suggestions please.
1-6 of 7 Results