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  1. Practicing
    Having a good control of the altissimo register is sought after by many sax players. However it is not easy at all. Have you ever experienced the frustration studying altissimo? You know the fingerings, but those nasty notes don't want to pop out? Why does it happen? I analized this issue in...
  2. Practicing
    Mr Rascher has used triads and arpeggios of diminshed, augmented, dominant and half-diminshed chord qualities in constructing his patterns. Can anyone help with an overview of the specifiek pattern for each exercise?
  3. Alto mpc
    Hey All! I was wondering what mouthpiece you'd all recommend for a university aged classical saxophone player. I see a lot of posts on jazz mouthpieces, but I enjoy the classical rascher school sound (much darker than some French school players). I currently play on an S80 C* with my Yamaha...
  4. Alto mpc
    I have 8 or 9 years experience on the alto, but I've only recently returned after a decade hiatus. I've never had a problem with mouth leakage, and I still don't on my Selmer C*, Vandoren Optimum AL4 or Jody Jazz HR 5. I'd like to offload some of these mouthpieces in favor of the Rascher, as I...
  5. Buescher
    Two years ago, I became the lucky owner of a recently overhauled Bundy Baritone Sax. The instrument had belonged to a community band and was in the basement of their building during a major flood; they decided to have it fixed up and sold (for a mere $900!!!!). It's truly a beautiful horn. Only...
  6. Reeds
    Does anyone know of any specific reeds that have good synergy with the Rascher mouthpiece for alto saxophone? I'm picking the mouthpiece up tomorrow and while I'm there I might as well get some reeds to try out.
  7. Classical Saxophone
    Hey guys, I am working on the Larsson Concerto and I was reading that the trills in the first movement are actually flutter tongued. Are their any other misprints? Also, in regards to the slap tonguing that Rascher does in his recordings, since it is different everytime, is there a certain...
  8. Rascher School
    Dear saxophonists, I am writing to ask you to help the State University of New York Fredonia Archives & Special Collections department in a grant program that we are participating in. I am currently implementing an audio preservation, digitization and restoration project for the archives on the...
1-8 of 12 Results