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  1. Cases
    Hello everyone, I am considering purchasing a protec pro pac alto sax case (the rectangle, not contoured) I searched the internet along with the forum, but could not find much info about them. Does anyone have this case? If so, what do you think. Is 109$ a good price? Is the case durable...
  2. Cases
    Does anyone know if a yamaha custom z alto will properly fit into one of these cases. There is no compatability list so I don't know if it's a good fit or not. Also if you have one of these cases what make and model of sax does it protect? Thanks
  3. Cases
    I've got a ca. 1951-2 "The Martin Tenor" Committee III (serial no. 1786xx) and I need a good contoured/form-fitting case for it. It has a large bell bore, and the low B/Bb keys are on the "wrong" side. Thus the horn is also a bit shorter than modern horns. Looks a lot like this one...
  4. Cases
    I'm looking for a tenor sax case that would be lightweight, suitable to put under a bus, and able to safely fit my YTS-62. My budget is under $200, so that probably rules out BAM, Walt Johnson, and Hiscox. I've heard that the SKB-450 doesn't fit my sax well. Does anyone know about the Protec Pro...
  5. Cases
    I recently bought a Pro Pac contoured alto sax case from my local music store. It's replacing my factory-issue Selmer (BAM) case that came with my Ref 54, as I cannot fit anything in the one tiny pocket below my horn... However, a week after the purchase, one of the other saxes in the big band...
1-5 of 15 Results