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  1. Practicing
    Hey Everyone! I found a cool lick in Guy Lacour's 28 Etudes - I've blogged about it with a .PDF attached to the post. If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends. You can find the post here. Cheers! Rich
  2. Practicing
    I've been playing the Alto sax for quite some time now....put it down for a while as i wasn't getting anywhere...just recently(3months)started again.I practise approx 2-3 hrs a daythe following: 1)Long tones,overblowin etc.(15mins) 2)Scales/chords(45mins) 3)Playing around the blues,30mins(G,C...
  3. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to read my question :D I've been playing for about half a year now (Tenor). I got most of the basics handled and I can pritty much play any song if I have some time to practise, but my sound really doesn't have much of an identity yet. ( I know it doesn't...
1-3 of 3 Results