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practise tips

  1. General Discussion
    I play saxophone and have been trying really hard to learn different licks and melodies that sound appealing. One of the things that I struggle with is learning how to incorporate these licks into the chord progressions without looking like a dumbass when I'll accidentally play an f sharp over...
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi guys, Im looking for pool of songs or software that plays playback on specific key (and different kind of music- blues, jazz, relaxed, funk, etc...) and practice improvising with it. I tried using youtube for playbacks but there are not many playbacks, it very finite. I will be happy for...
  3. Practicing
    Hello all, I practice at least 1 hour a day, and always start off with long tones, with a tuner. I was just wondering what the actual purpose of long tones is (what should I be looking out for, etc.) Any help appreciated:)
  4. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Hi guys I have a question. For the last two weeks I have started to really notice the different pitches in my notes. In the beginning you kinda perceive a note as one note, but slowly on I'm beginning to be able to differentiate (in my mind) the sound into the different overtones that make up...