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  1. Tips and Techniques
    Hi there! I often find myself playing gigs with just me (tenor Sax), one singer and one guitar for weddings and corporate events. We are playing few jazz standards but mostly pop. I often find myself not very satisfied with what I play in this configuration and I wanted to know if some of you...
  2. YouTube videos
    Hi, I am a student studying saxophone in South Korea. I got a homework assignment from one of the RNB singers for my final exam, and I played Whitney Houston music. Listen, tell me how it is. And press the subscribe button. Thank you, saxophone friends. have a good day :)
  3. Playing Songs
    I'm looking for examples of "modern" (post 1960's????) pop tunes performed in a Jazz style. Think of an instrumental version of "Postmodern Jukebox." I'm looking for performances that keep the melody relatively the same, so audiences can recognize them. Said differently, I'm looking for...
  4. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hey everyone! I have a new video for you, and it's a new style of video for me- "vlog" type if you will. It shows everything that went into performing at the King's Theater in Brooklyn, NY with the great Israeli pop sensation Gad Elbaz. I show you some of the traveling, rehearsing, backstage...
  5. Alto mpc
    What kind of mouthpiece you would recommend for rock/ pop song?
  6. Playing Songs
    Thought this might be fun and interesting since we all have songs we can't stand and often they are ones that are called at a jam when you are on stage. Here's mine: Sweet Home Alabama because it seems that no matter what jam or gig I go to this song gets covered every time. I don't mind...
  7. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    On 21st January 2017 we welcome Simon Willescroft, one the UK's premier saxophonists. We are very fortunate to have Simon at JazzSmart as he is extremely busy touring with the likes of Duran Duran and Joss Stone. We managed to grab Simon for a day to spend time talking on exciting and relevant...
  8. SOTW Member Compositions & Arrangements
    Hey all! I'm super excited to finally be able to offer three of my more popular arrangements for sax quartet for sale legally! If you're interested in checking them out, go to I'd be eternally grateful if you'd give them a listen and take home one or more if you like...
  9. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi All!! Looking to get my pop and R & B chops down a little more! Can anyone recommend some definitive solos to transcribe? Range of artists. Thanks! :-)
  10. Practicing
    I have no idea if anyone will find this interesting, but this is how I sometimes shed to tracks.
  11. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hello All I'm a PHD student at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. I'm looking for any academic writing sources for my topic which is the use of the saxophone in Pop music. Looking at the following points 'tone of the music (more sophisticated or other) for inclusion of the...
  12. YouTube videos
    Hi there, Here's my brand new music video "So naive", single from my "Passion" album, entirely shot in Goa (India). It's currently on rotation on tv networks like VH1 India, Prudent, 9XO... Hope you will enjoy it as much as I had fun shooting it :)
  13. Playing Songs
    Does anyone have examples of jazz groups/players who have covered popular songs by non jazz artists? I'm looking for something like these two videos; Any suggestions/examples/commentary welcome. :)
  14. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi everyone ! My brand new album "Passion" is out :blob: It includes 10 pop covers from Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Bryan Adams, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Cindy Lauper, Bonnie Tyler, Paul McCartney, Nathalie Imbruglia and 5 self-penned tunes like the new single "So naive"...
  15. Teaching
    Tonight I'll be performing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien with singer-songwriter Amos Lee. Trumpeter Rashawn Ross (Dave Matthews Band) and I will be backing up Amos on a new song. As I shared with members of my video lesson website, learning this tune--and coming up with the horn...
  16. Recordings, Movies
    Just for fun... The Challenge: put together a quick cover of a B.o.B. tune using only a Mac laptop running Logic Pro. No outboard keyboard; all sounds triggered/created using the 'caps lock' keyboard and the built-in mic to record the sax.
  17. Electronic Equipment
    Hi All, For those of you who record vocals in your home studio - can you recommend a good quality pop filter for my large diaphram condenser mics? The offerings out there are all over the board and I don't see any clear winners. Some even claim to reduce sibilance! Thanks for your help! Brad
  18. Tips and Techniques
    For my money, saxophone in a pop setting gets no better than the work of these two gentlemen:
  19. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hey SOTW krew, I've gotten to meet a few of you through my travels with Snarky Puppy and such, but I've recently started playing with a (COMPLETELY DIFFERENT) band called Nelo. They're out of Austin and I'll be playing with them as we open the Austin City Limits music festival this year...
1-19 of 19 Results