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  1. Baritone mpc
    I've just bought a Selmer Super Sax baritone (1930) in very good shape; with it came a Berg 100 2 SMS 'piece that really looks more like plastic than HR - did Berg use this material or is just very smooth HR? It has the milled finish and a bullet chamber... Any advice appreciated!
  2. Alto mpc
    I think I have a selmar mouth piece (black plastic) and I'm interested in the metal mouth pieces. I've seen some other saxophones in my school use metal but I don't know anything about them. What would be the advantage of metal over plastic?
  3. Reeds
    Hi all, I recently bought a Legere Signature in 2.5 for tenor. Not a huge fan. I found it to be stuffy, and felt too soft. I could not play loudly on it. I normally play on Vandoren V16s in 3, which feel fantastic about 1/5 times. So my question is, should I get a Legere Signature in a harder...
  4. Grafton
    To Stephen Howard I'm sure it's the G word, one up from the F word. Following the recent thread and video which surprised many folk, I feel it's only fair to continue Grafton Appreciation Week with a link to Stephen Howard's excellent article: The Naked Grafton. Yes that's the very same...
  5. Clarinet
    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I think I'll be using it a lot now that I know it exists :P Anyways, on from the formalities. I am mostly a sax player, but I play clarinet and flute, too. My clarinet is a Buffet B12, and I recently came across a very nice old wooden clarinet, which hasn't been...
  6. Tenor mpc
    I noticed that T sax mouthpieces cost a lot, esp. metal ones. I have an OK mouthpiece that came with the sax (plastic: Bundy) Is it worth a hundred dollars or more to get a new metal mouthpiece if I want to play jazz, or should I settle for a cheaper 80 dollar plastic. Also how different is...
  7. What to Buy & Why: Reeds and Misc.
    I've played alto for a couple years and I'm thinking of ordering a plastic reed, probably a Legere. Any suggestions on what strength and such I should look for?
  8. Reeds
    Hey everybody...does anybody know the quality of plastic reeds? i want to try them out but they are pretty expensive compared to the good old fashioned reeds. will i still get a good tone out of my sax if i use them? thanks!!
1-8 of 8 Results