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  1. Avel Sound Concept
    Selling a Runyon "Jazz" 3 Alto Mouthpiece (0.075") refaced by Phil-Tone. This is made of white resin. Plays beautifully. Asking US$110 including shipping anywhere in the world using registered Airmail from Singapore. Payment by PayPal.
  2. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Has anyone compared these two tenor mouthpieces?: Phil-Tone The Intrepid vs Drake Reso tenor. I'm looking for a new mouthpiece and considering one of these. What is your experience on these? How do they compare in tone, responsiveness, versatility, loudness, edge and darkness of sound?
  3. Alto mpc
    Received in US after only two weeks from order, the new hard rubber design which replaces Phil's Babbitt-Meyer reworks. Mine is a 6 = .076". It seals well to reed, is easy to blow, and finish is as outstanding as one expects from Phil's reputation and experience. I'm using Java Red 2.5 with a...
  4. Tenor mpc
    So a couple weeks back I got a Sapphire 10 (.130) from Phil-Tone and I'm seriously impressed. I've been interested in HR Slants and Early Babbitts but they go for truly obscene prices these days so Phil seemed like a more sane and economic route. This piece, which is under $300, just smokes most...
1-4 of 28 Results