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  1. Eb Baritone
    I'd like to build a setup so I could add a sub-octave on bari. Ideally, I would use a mic on the horn going through an octave pedal (probably with preamp) but would send only the sub octave to a separate bass amp. Has anyone tried this, or has anyone found a better way to do it? The hard part...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hi! New to the forum and I have a question about live performance and octave pedals. I have a couple of Octave pedals (EHX Nano Pog and TC electronics Sub-n-up) and tried to use the in some various settings. I use them together with a standard dynamic mic (shure sm58 or sennheiser E835). But...
  3. Electronic Equipment
    Hello my friends, As always, thanks for being a great bunch of guys with super-helpful suggestions always, and for being patient with an intermediate-level player like me. I'm playing solo at wedding receptions with pre-recorded accompaniment, using the equipment listed below in my "signature"...
  4. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hello. What played Coltrane on the famous Eb pedal on his solo over "Moment's notice"?. If you want to know watch this video, transcription and harmonic analysis. I made English subs, turn them on in the menu. Hope you like the video, leave a comment if you do! Bye, Fabrizio P.S. I am trying to...
  5. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    ¨The City Breath¨ ...looping and breathing in Barcelona ❤🎷🎶❤🎷🎶❤
  6. Electronic Equipment
    I just tried a wah-wah and an octave pedal at a friend's house. And I'm thinking about getting an octave pedal, but I don't know which one I should get. I'm looking for sound similar to this one (it's a software effect): Any idea? ps. you have to fast forward to hear the effect
  7. Electronic Equipment
    Sorry if I'm covering old ground here - I couldn't find anything so here we go. I play in a funk band and I want to use various effects with my saxophone. I run it through a standard issue PA system and Shure PG57 mic. The other day I tried to use it with a friend's Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Classic...
  8. Electronic Equipment
    Hi! I just bought a Boss GT-8 to use with my saxophone. I have no experience what so ever with effects and I'm just wondering if you had any good tips or suggestions on what I should try, and also what the GT-8 is capable of. So, what are your experiences with the GT-8 and other guitar effect...
1-8 of 9 Results