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  1. Jazz and Improvisation
    Roy Hargrove's 2-5-1 in 12 keys (Lick of The Week) Download PDF file: Have a nice week everyone.
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    If you are looking for something to practice next week check this II-V-I pattern. Have a great week everyone.
  3. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hello everyone, here is a pentatonic pattern that you can find in the recordings of the great Michael Brecker and Bob Berg. It sounds to me that Bob Mintzer has used it too, but I can't find that recording - maybe someone can help out?
  4. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hope everyone is doing well. Here you are our new video. English subtitles available.
  5. Jazz and Improvisation
    Diminished scale pattern. PDF link and just a little example how you could use it
  6. Practicing
    I am a late bloomer, who has attempted to learn to play saxophone a number of times over the last 20 years and became frustrated that, although I can read music, I struggled to sight read. Each time I read music, it was almost like starting anew and I was getting nowhere fast. (I've since found...
  7. Tips and Techniques
    Had some free time this last week... here's a few new lessons: Intervalic Melody: 2 Long tone exercises: Major #9 melody: 2 Chromatic melodies over V7...
1-8 of 8 Results