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  1. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    I am in the process of putting back together a Kohlert Regent tenor saxophone and noticed that one of the palm keys (high D on an alto?) seems bent. I noticed this because the part of the key close to the pad rubs against the little metal walls that guide the key...
  2. Holton
    Howdy, Anyone with a well-setup Bb Soprano Holton able to tell me roughly what their palm key heights from the tone hole are, when the keys are open? I may be partially (or wholly?) at fault in that I have not played much soprano, but it seems to me as the D palm and above are opening too far...
  3. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    I am having a bit of trouble with my High F palm key. I am not really sure what is causing the key to remain open, I checked the mechanism and there seems to be no obvious causes. When I get home from work later I can post a picture, to help you tech visualize it. I would take it to a repairman...
1-3 of 3 Results