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  1. Alto mpc
    Once upon a time I tried an old Otto Link New York - that was the most easy-to-play mouthpiece ever. All others I played are almost the same but this one was incomparably better. However I'm too greedy to pay $500. Is there anything similar to Otto Link New York but cheaper?
  2. Alto mpc
    Hi, Recently I went to a saxshop in Moscow to try different mouthpieces for my YAS-23 as currently I'm suffering a cheap mouthpiece from aliexpress. I didn't feel a significant difference with different mouthpieces unless I tried Otto Link New York. It was so amazingly easy to play and control...
  3. Buescher
    Hi to all Buescher lovers , i've been playing my Buescher True Tone for about 30 years now and looking for a second "backup" horn , so i've borrowed my friends Mark VI just to see if i would like it ... here is a sound test recorded late at night , so i play quiet to not wake up neugbours...
  4. Tenor mpc
    I am a High School student and i am looking to change my sound up without busting my budget (less than $200 hopefully). I currently play on a CE Winds Silver Shocka mouthpiece with a 6 opening (.085) and a Legere 3 Reed. I play on a Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Brute Tenor. Im trying to...
1-4 of 6 Results