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  1. General History
    Not sure if this is rehashing a previous topic. In any case, I'll start. In the 1970's at the local library, I saw an intriguingly titled album called, "The Shape of Jazz To Come" by Ornette Coleman. Checked it out and listened to it on headphones. I fell asleep for a few minutes and woke up...
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Hello fellow sax nerd, Does anyone have an idea about the mouthpiece Ornette used on his tenor album like Ornette on Tenor and Soapsuds, soapsuds ??
  3. Teaching
    JALCO are currently touring the UK with a tour celebrating the 75th anniversary of Blue Note. I was privileged enough to get back stage with my students, one of whom is a 14 year old lad who is going to be some player when he grows up. I've posted a full blog on my website here...
  4. Jazz and Improvisation
    Obviously THE burning issue of our time, entirely ignored during the presidential debates. A new post at my blog: (And by the way, anybody got a copy of Frank Sinatra covering Lonely Woman?)
1-4 of 4 Results