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  1. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    did anyone know amoon saxophone 🎷? yeah the cheap saxophone around 250$.. I'm a begginer and i think i want to learn to play.. anyone bought it ? does the sax🎷 is a good sax for beginners and does it sound normal ? does the quality is good? i watched a review on youtube and i think it's kinda...
  2. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    hey sotw i started on bari as my first woodwind, beginning on the alto, my sessions range from 1-3 hours 6-7 times a week (which i need to practice more, will do as i'm getting in touch win an instructor very soon) and my tone is driving me up a wall, as i'm having difficulty controlling the...
  3. Bb Soprano
    Hello, I need to know if someone has play the CONSOLAT DE MAR Soprano Saxophone model SS-242-V and what do You think about this instrument. This is their website: Thanks, Gilberto Perez.
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    My collection is incredibly thin, so I'm wondering what the go-to material is for other altos. All I really have is what my community band is playing, and aside from that, I think my neighbors might be getting a little tired of John Williams. Yes, very thin collection.
  5. Clarinet
    Hi everyone! I just got back from a LONG summer at Boston University's Tanglewood Institute and the Luzerne Music Center, and it's nice to be back home! Now, while at Luzerne i had the outstanding opportunity to perform Mozart's Serenade #10 "Gran Partita", being conducted by Mark Gigliotti...
  6. Clarinet
    after finishing my last box of V.12s (strength 3.5), i decided i would take the opportunity to try Vandoren's third cut, the 56 Rue Lepic; this is the one Vandoren reed i've never heard before. Based on Vandoren's comparison chart, i ordered strength 3.5+ since i used 3.5 V.12s. I've heard a LOT...
  7. Polls and Surveys
    Its the student doing another survey, after my last one I realised that it probably wasn't that current and I needed something else that wasn't genre specific, and having recently acquired a record player I have begun to immerse myself more in musical listening rather than doing it while i do...