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  1. King (HN White)
    Hi all! Does anyone know the standard specs for the King Super 20 Silversonic Tenor (late 70s serial)? Including key opening size? I got a great deal on a Super 20 however it's heavily modded (perhaps to fix intonation?). I'm looking to open it up and get the resonators taken off.
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Recently I acquired a Selmer Soloist D for tenor, and I am absolutely in love with it. It feels really comfortable for me in both jazz and symphonic settings, whereas I used to switch between a Link STM 7* and an s80 C*. I'm looking to make a similar move for a soloist alto mouthpiece, but I am...
  3. Tenor mpc
    Hi great pals, I am curious what tip opening of the link he had used in the video. I'm about to order a refacing job for my STM that the opening is 6. Thanks!
  4. Alto mpc
    Hey Everyone, I've been a bari player for the past 5 years and am trying to pick up my alto again but am realizing that it takes me a really long time to adjust my embouchure from my .115" bari mouthpiece to my .70" alto. I'm trying to find a mouthpiece that is open to between .110" - .115" for...
  5. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    Greetings! Right now I'm playing on an Otto Link STM 7 for tenor, and I love the sound but I'd like to move up in opening. I'm looking to get an 8*, but I was wondering the best way to go about it. The table on my 7 isn't too good and I don't get a very good seal, and I don't want that to be...
  6. Baritone mpc
    Hi, I'm sure there is already a topic for this, but I sure can't find it very easily. I was wondering what does the 5*, 5, 6, 6*, etc means on an mpc. I know that they are references for the openings or for the types of reeds (medium, soft, hard), but what exactly do they mean? Also, what is...
  7. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    (alto #6) seems to make my overall tone less bright, and make me play more in tune (don't have to push my mouthpiece all the way in like I did with my old #5). perhaps playing in the high register is a little more stable too. anyone have any comments? is this just an individual thing? or...
1-7 of 7 Results