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  1. Teaching
    Hey everyone! I've been getting lots of messages lately from people asking if I do online lessons and I keep turning them down as I don't currently do them. I was thinking however that it might be time for me to start as there seems to be a good bit of interest. What I'm asking you as someone...
  2. Alto mpc
    Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations for an online music site where I can ship a mouthpiece to my location, play it, and if it is unsatisfying, send it back? I am interested in shipping a Bellite, but because it is expensive, I don't want to purchase it, only to find out I don't like it...
  3. General Items, World-Wide or (to be) Categorized
    the title basically says it all! need to buy more reeds and i always used to buy through saxessories but obviously can't now.
  4. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    I have researched online (Ebay, Amazon, etc) for a new professional Selmer tenor sax and have only found cheap knock-off saxes that were (thankfully) identified on this site as either imported by China or Tawain or whatever. Does anybody know where (or can direct me to the right thread) I can...
  5. Teaching
    My name is Benjamin Drazen and I am a jazz sax player/teacher living in the NYC area. I have worked with many greats and a regular on the NYC jazz scene. I am now starting to teach VIA Skype and have found it quite successful. I wanted to extend the offer to any of you who may be interested, or...
  6. Teaching
    Hi, My name is Tevet Sela and I am a professional saxophonist and teacher for twenty years. Please visit my site for details about me and my teaching methods: As you'll see, I teach online via skype, and I invite the SOTW members to a free trial lesson at your convenient...
1-6 of 6 Results