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  1. Selmer (USA)
    I've been looking high and low for information on or impressions of the Omega ASOM200 alto. I've found plenty of discussions about the 1980s pro omegas, and the 100/110 student/intermediate instruments that followed them, but nothing at all about the ASOM200. I'm looking at a used model which...
  2. Selmer (USA)
    I was given an alto saxophone five years ago from a friend. He had inherited it from a family friend, so neither of us really know anything about the horn. I knew it was a Selmer USA from the engraving and case, and the serial number is 822421. Tonight, I looked up "selmer usa alto saxophones"...
  3. Selmer (USA)
    So, word on the net is that the Omega (162) alto had a larger bore than the AS100. Also that the only differences between the AS100 and the AS110 (first series, Made in USA with 3 point ring body to bell brace), were only cosmetic (different engraving/finish and some changes in key touches -...
1-3 of 5 Results