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  1. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hey, guys. Been a couple of eventful years for me since I last logged on. It's good to see so many of your here and kickin'. I want to sell the old (~1960) Bb clarinet I played in high school. It's an F.E.Olds "Special" that certainly wasn't a pro model, but always played easily and sounded...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
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  3. Eb Alto
    I would like to know something about this sax or where to find info. I bought it at Good Will for 99 dollars. I know it is probably a student model, but this sax has the best tone and resonation I have ever heard or played! I does not look great but the sound is incredible. This sax can cry the...
  4. Olds
    Hello,people! I would like to know anything about Olds Studio saxophone. Tell me please about this horn,those who play on this sax. Sound? I hear that this sax stencil martin committee II.Is it true?