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    New release from GrooveTronX: Fiesta This is a fun romp through some of our favorites with extended jams live at Fiesta de Los Reyes at the Historic Market Square in San Antonio, TX for Fiesta! This was recorded in mid-April, 2018. Fiesta is a huge cultural event in San Antonio. It's solo...
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    Here's a fun jam from my Nu Jazz duo GrooveTronX. This is shot live in San Antonio, TX. We've got the laptop running Ableton live synced to a KP3+ and KAOSS PRO. I've got a wah, POG 2, and delay pedal running into the pads along with a vocal mic running through and effects processor. PRO...
  3. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi, released my 6. album The Neon Lulu It is available for listning and download on It includes a couple of tracks, which are the result of a online collaboration with Italian guitarplayer Bruno Costanzi. Have a nice day! Jacob