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  1. Sopranino and Higher
    I had an extra Soprano stand, a three-leg K&M, which works fine for the Soprano but a bit wobbly for the Nino, which doesn't fit all the way down to be secure. I've tried a few product searches at the usual suspects but didn't find anything. Anyone have a recommendation?
  2. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    I have been arranging big band charts for sax ensemble, and I have found it easier and more suitable to write for five saxes rather than four. It allows me to rest the soprano to change the sound, and to have full chords behind a solo. Also I can bounce pairs of horns off each other, much as the...
  3. Sopranino and Higher
    Hello all, I am considering buying a Yanagisawa Sopranino saxophone (I am a regular soprano player) and would like some feedback on the instrument from those who own/play this horn. In particular intonation and tone. I live in Australia and it is almost impossible to actually try a horn -...
1-3 of 5 Results