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    Hey all! For anyone in the New York City area, there's gonna be a rather saxophone-dense show at Rockwood Music Hall stage 2 on August 23. My band, Progger, will be sharing a bill with one of my good buddies and one of my favorite living saxophonists, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown. If you haven't checked...
  2. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    I just found an old Otto Link MASTER Link (with the cut in rails). Appears to be one of the oldest models double band reads OTTO LINK & CO NEW YORK, also engraved along table SERIES C 14, FACING NO. 3 1. It looks like the old heat-miser was using it as the bite plate is melted. Is there a...
  3. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hey everyone! I recently got involved in the Made in NY International Jazz Competition and need your help. Part of the 1st round is based on votes, so I'm here, hat in hand, asking if you could take about 2 minutes out of your day to cast a vote for my video. I you listen to it and hate it, well...
  4. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I have offered this mouthpiece locally over here in Germany and as a trade to a forum member here. I was not sure what is really was since I found the stamp of the tip opening on the side of the mouthpiece. NY Double Rings are supposed to have them on the table. A forum member saw my pics and...
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to put the word out on a new CD that I'm on being so many have been asking me about recordings that I'm on. This is a Cuban-Jazz Project with the great Chuchito Valdez on Piano. Some of this music was a bit too complex for my taste but the finished product is very...
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    Hey guys! I'm leading my first gig as a New York resident this Thursday at Spike Hill in Williamsburg. While it won't be my normal band, since they still live in Austin, the band will consist of dear friends that I've known for years as well as new friends that play their butts off. And they'll...
  7. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    Hello all, I have a vintage Meyer New York 10M soprano mouthpiece. I haven't been able to find other examples of these on the internet and so I am wondering if the facing makes it particularly rare. I am not primarily a soprano player, so I am having a hard time justifying owning such a...
  8. Alto mpc
    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been asked on here before but can't seem to find it. No results from a Google search either :( I have a New York Meyer USA 5M and I'm trying to figure out what years these were in production. Anyone know?? From my research there is an early and a late NY USA model...
  9. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Anyone every come across a New York Symphonic sax? I have a series 1 tenor. Only reference I can find is a Dutch (?) shop offering them. (no pics). This one is a few years old - maybe 10. I wondered if they are still being made? Any info??
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    I bent the neck on my keilwerth shadow tenor and I am looking for someone in the area who would let me take measurements of their neck as a reference for my repairman. I am happy to compensate you for your time. [email protected] Thanks
  11. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes: Friday, January 21st, 2011 55 Bar, NYC 10 & 11:30 pm Bob Reynolds - saxophone Keith Carlock - drums Janek Gwizdala - bass Oli Rockberger - keys
1-11 of 24 Results