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  1. YouTube videos
    Hello there! I'm new at the forum, and I can honestly say I am impressed with the size and depth of this community. Can't wait to explore the resources available here :) I'm a composition student who is slowly falling in love with the saxophone. I have (somewhat) recently finished writing a...
  2. For New SOTW Members
    The final time the [Nuclear] Whales played was on a 2004 fall tour in Japan. I played with them the last time in July of that year in Oklahoma. Nice to see some healthy conversations out there about the sax.
  3. For New SOTW Members
    We would like to welcome all new members to the SOTW forum. Please introduce yourself here by replying to this thread, and share some of your interests and background. Also, on behalf of the whole Admin Team I'd like to wish you all very Happy New Year and thank all old members for your support...
  4. For New SOTW Members
    Hi all: This is a great forum and I'm pleased to have run across it, so I thought I'd finally jump in and give an introduction. First and foremost, I'm an ex-tenor player, who is picking up the horn again after about 30 years away from it. Piano is my primary instrument, but I doubled on...
  5. For New SOTW Members
    Hi , Been a forum member since November 08, but never actually got round to posting anything. So when I did try, I found I was technically challenged? as I'd forgot to activate myself!. I am an old bloke of 46 years, who decided that I'd like a challenge and picked the saxophone to learn. I...
1-5 of 5 Results