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  1. Misc. Accessories
    The Marmaduke 'Feather IV Slim' Saxophone Strap (wide). I would call this post just a 'heads up' rather than a comprehensive review for the Marmaduke Feather IV strap (wide version). Primarily because for me, it is so impractical to wear because I never got past getting it properly fitted...
  2. Misc. Accessories
    I am looking to buy my husband a custom neck strap for valentines day. Here is a picture of something I'd like, or similar. Please! Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Misc. Accessories
    Hello SOTW, I have found a strap I'd love to buy, he agreed to let it go for 50$, I know these tend to last and can have a lot of mileage on them, I can only check it out once as I don't live in LA, what should I check most notably to ensure no mechanisms were damaged, the color is strange too...
  4. Misc. Accessories
    Hi! I'm a female saxophonist and am desperate to find a neck strap which is sparkly... I found an Oleg one called the showtime strap but I can only order it in silver, which I feel is a bit much ;) I could make my own, but wondered if anyone knows of any sparkly ones I can order anywhere...
  5. Misc. Accessories
    Does anyone know of any interesting looking neck straps? Guitar players all have colorful and decorative straps, why not sax players? Are there any companies making anything like this? I might have to fabricate my own.
1-5 of 8 Results