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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    just got a new bari and the neck receiver acts like a tuning slide that hasn't been oiled in a decade. should i use slide oil or cork grease or something on the neck end or inside the bari?
  2. Eb Alto
    Hi everyone. Just received this 1971 A5, and I noticed that the neck color is pretty much different from the horn, though, it matches the two-tone color scheme of the horn. Do you think it is original to the horn, or, perhaps, it is from another Yani? That particular octave key design I saw on...
  3. Conn
    Hi, I got a 12m some years ago and I always had trouble with high notes (very sharp and airy and really hard to play), when the neck octave vent opens. I still play it hoping (everyday less) that someday I will be able to "correct" those notes myself. Saxophone is ok according to my tech, got...
  4. Clarinet
    I am a huge fan of Karsten's necks on saxophone. He makes some of the best custom necks. I am keen to get a new neck for my bass clarinet but i have not seen much comments/reviews about his bass clarinet necks. Does anybody here have one and care to comment? Thanks
  5. Buescher
    Hello! has anyone come across any of these necks, and if so, have you seen them in anything other than a 1? I love the neck of my TT but I'd be curious to find one of the other necks available for TTs if they're still floating around somewhere. Thanks!
  6. Necks
    Do you recognize the saxophone in the photo? I've never seen a neck like this. What is this model?
  7. Conn
    hi all, for a 10m with serial on body of 352xxx and a 3 digit on the neck of 325 (facing forward on the rim where the neck goes into the body) - what does this neck id mean? is it the number of thousands that should match the body or maybe the factory made necks separately , stamped them, and...
  8. Yamaha
    I currently play a Yamaha 62II Alto, which I love. However, the G2 neck isn't cutting, it has a dent in it and also (due to tuning and intonation problems associated with it). I'm looking at getting a new neck. The V1 neck seems to be the best option. I am debating between the Silver Plated Neck...
  9. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hi all, (after years of just reading, I'd like to make a first post here, so a short introduction is in place). I'm Teake, playing tenor for about 35 years, in several pop/blues/jazz/gospel/bigband settings. I've got a Vito "Duke" tenor, made in france, nr 18778. Which probably makes it a...
  10. Manufacturing/ Construction
    I've played on and owned a number of saxes (of various sizes) that have had brass "sleeves" between 1-2cm in length soldered onto the interior of the (corked) mouthpiece end of the neck, and I've always wondered what exactly these were meant to do. My hypothesis has been that they were meant to...
1-10 of 199 Results