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  1. Necks
    Hi all, I'm coming up blank for neck piece options for my circa 1975-85 Bundy. It seems that one needs the actual thing. All the shops I've called have no clue, except I've been told a Buescher won't be the right intonation. Online there's only one I've seen for roughly $400 USD - correct me...
  2. Necks
    I currently own a 1936 Buescher custom built bari, it is in great condition but the neck is ultra small. My teacher and I seem to agree that its overall 'sharpness' is due to the short neck. As a result, and because I've read that it's ideal for classical saxophone, I'm looking into investing in...
  3. Necks
    I play a Yanagisawa A991 looking for a darker tone, will changing my original neck to the bronze neck really help me add that dark tone to my sound. Please help!
  4. Necks
    I have a Martin Bari w/ no neck...going to have one made by one of these guys... Y'all have strong feelings towards either Gloger or Barone? From what i've read, both of these guys are the tops...hoping to get some info from folks who have worked with either before. thanks!
1-4 of 5 Results