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my shining hour
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    Hello guys, i made this transcription in the last two weeks. It is the hardest I have done to this point and this time I purpusefully refrained from writing it down or using slowing down software. It´s not perfect, but this is what I managed to do: I really look...
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    Happy Worldwide Wednesday!! Here's volume 2- "My Shining Hour." Watch till the very end, trust me :mrgreen: Let me know what you think! #makejazzfunagain
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    Playing really fast...why do we do it? Because machine gun 8th notes are awesome :twisted: Seriously though, how many of you have turned up the heat on some of your gigs? I was going through some recordings of gigs and found this one of my quartet playing My Shining Hour. It was the last tune...
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    Rolltrane has very generously given me the opportunity to pick this December's Tune of the Month. Since it's already past midnight Dec. 1 at the longitude of Finland, Egypt and South Africa, and points east, I think it's time to get started. I've chosen Harold Arlen (music) and Johnny Mercer...
1-4 of 5 Results