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  1. Teaching
    I've asked this question in a few different places and have gotten lots of different responses, so I figured I'd put it here as well! My questions are this: Do you think one needs to be a great player to be a great teacher? Do you think one needs to be a great musician to be a great teacher...
  2. Sax Lifestyle & Sax Related Health Problems
    MALAGA, Spain (UPI) -- A Spanish jazz musician was kept awake and playing his saxophone during brain surgery to ensure his neurological functions remained undamaged. Carlos Aguilera, 27, was sedated and given painkillers during the surgery to remove a brain tumor at Malaga's Carlos Haya...
  3. Jazz and Improvisation
    - 20 Tips for the Jazz Musician - A few things to remember at the gig
  4. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    Hey all! I'm about to be a freshman in college and would like to begin taking a big step towards my future career as a musician. That step is creating a musician's website for my music. The only thing is well,,,, I don't exactly know where to begin! haha. I know if you google "How to make a...
  5. Brand Name Players ...
    There's not much discussion here about Daniel Barenboim, and he's one of my favorite musicians. I'm interested to read what people think of him. Comments? Praise? Criticism?
  6. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    1 rehearsal/month 3-4 gigs/year (*some* money) 30+ year band 70+ gigs/year in 80's & 90's, wound down quite a bit since then 250+ charts - Sammy Nestico, Loius Bellson, Doc Severinsen, Duke Ellington, Miller, Goodman, Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Harry James, Booker T. 5 saxes, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones...
  7. Working Sax Pros
    Alright, so who's ever played on the street, subway station, etc.? I don't have a band, and would like to make some extra cash. Does it really work? Do people actually give you money? Where are the best places to do it? What's the best way to bring in max cash flow? What other good tips do you have?
1-7 of 7 Results